First name: 
Fatma Said

In Zanzibar few women are serious about sport or even found in positions of leadership, so for Fatma to achieve both in a sport as male-dominated as basketball is exceptional. She made herself a well-known member of her community through her ability and leadership, changing perceptions and providing an example for other young women who wanted a role model to pursue a life in sport. She used this influence, and her role as a UNESCO volunteer and member of the Zanzibar Youth Forum, to encourage others to participate in sport and get them excited about it. She wants to motivate students to engage in sports and to address their challenges such as being active, healthy, open, responsive and focused in their studies and career. Fatma also excelled in science throughout her studies, especially life sciences, giving her no doubt of the academic and physiological benefits to young women of participating in sport.

As a result of her MJYL financial stipend Fatma has been running sport for development sessions for over 100 children in schools in India including deaf, dumb and blind schools and orphanages. Through the CAC curriculum and remote coaching support Fatma worked with 10 kids on Peace Day to promote social inclusion and non-violence.  She has also engaged in external networking and as a result of the MJYL leadership sessions she has distributed flyers about the MJ course to schools and youth led organizations and met with UN agencies to discuss it further.  As a result of a CAC program and the CAC community Impact Coach initiative Fatma also joined Jamie at a CAC program in Bangalore and helped work with community leaders. This program focused on gender equality and health and wellness and educated 26 youth leaders in Bangalore and directly impacted 2,083 youth in school.

Class of: 
Breaking socio-cultural barriers through sports