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Corinne was a senior at High Point University, North Carolina when she participated in the MJYL program. During a high school ice hockey season years ago, she suffered a concussion that took her out of the game. As a way to get back on the ice, she volunteered for the New Jersey Dare Devils, an ice hockey program aimed at providing athletic opportunities to developmentally disabled individuals. She was named Junior Coach of the Year in 2011 for her dedication to the players and team after only her first year of coaching.

Since then, she served as a Young Ambassador for Beyond Sport, connecting with others that also support social change through sport. Corinne is currently pursuing a degree in event management and will graduate in May 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Event Management and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication. Corinne hopes to work in the entertainment industry, specifically with sports and music events, and create positive, fun, and welcoming environments for others similar to those the Dare Devils and Beyond Sport have afforded her.

As a result of leadership sessions during MJYL Corinne was named an extraordinary leader by her university (High Point University), and through attendance at other leadership sessions Corinne went on to a networking conference for event managers.  She facilitated a session at the Beyond Sport Summit and presented an award during the ceremony.  As a result of the MJYL network she visited Jamie in Edinburgh and helped him with his breakfast club doing arts and crafts with the youth who attended.

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Sports events and social impact