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As a 12 year-old boy growing up in the Ivory Coast, Adama had his life changed from the outbreak of a civil war in 2011. Friends in his community were being killed and schools closed down. On one occasion Adama and his family were threatened by militants saying they would bomb his house. Adama used football to help him deal with the impact of the conflict and focus on the future. He returned to school, where many of his classmates were now missing, fatalities of the violence. Each day he would train before and after school on the local dust pitch to raise his football level without a coach or good kit. Adama was offered a scholarship in Ghana with the Right to Dream Academy where he has been training for 6 years and become a mentor for some of the youngest players. This led to him being offered a professional football contract with a Swedish football team which starts in 2018. This incredible opportunity for him to improve in football will compliment his selection to MJYL where he will grow as a leader and sportsperson.

Ivory Coast
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Right To Dream