Nealon Lino

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Born in Portugal, Sean lived there until eight years old, then moved to Scotland and lived there until he was 16 then moved to London two years ago. He’s now living in a basketball team house with 10 other players in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham which is one of the top 20% most deprived Boroughs / regions / districts within England. Sean left home in Scotland to come to London to start to pursue a dream. This means that he is now living independently at a young age. Sean has always been a gifted basketball player. He currently represents Barking Abbey School in the England Basketball Men’s Division 1 competition. Sean was also part of the squad who were crowned EABL National Champions during the previous season. He has played for Scotland in U15, U16 and U18. He has represented Scotland in the senior national team for select games, and is playing for the country in the Commonwealth Games to be held in Brisbane 2018. Sean was ranked number 7 in the country during this playing year. Alongside his basketball ability Sean has demonstrated his leadership through participating at event days and in leadership officiating requirements for Panathlon Foundation and his team. He also acts as a role model for young children in his borough with a particular ability to work with youth with disabilities.

United Kingdom
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Panathlon Foundation