Global Reach and Local Relevance

Michael Johnson Young Leaders are making a difference in communities across the globe. Right now, projects are being implemented on six continents across a diverse range of key social issues.

Fatma - Chad

Fatma has overcome barriers as a muslim woman and started a center that provides books and resources to youth groups in the area and implemented a girls basketball club in schools.

Drika - Brazil

Raised in a house with no electricity and ten other children, she now uses MJYL support to maintain her job as a community coach in the favela where she lives.

Ryan - United Kingdom

As a visually impaired young man, Ryan has utilized the MJYL ongoing support and advice from to develop rugby tours to Barbados and Jamaica for blind and visually impaired children as well as a disability employability program for young people in London.

Sokoam - Cambodia

Orphaned at a young age, Soakam supported her three siblings and used to hide in the rice fields to escape abuse from her aunt and uncle, often sleeping in the mud to remain safe. Using MJYL support, Sokoam now trains peer leaders alongside going to school to become a qualified nurse.