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In the 10th grade Joanna fell in love with lacrosse. It allowed her to keep her head high and her heart higher. Lacrosse gave Joanna an outlet, a stable space that she could call home. Lacrosse was an alternative avenue that provided mentorship, a push on academics, as well as social emotional growth. Joining this sport motivated Joanna to increase her academic success, love, and not be just another kid who is a product of their environment.

Joanna wants to create awareness and make a dent on the very noticeable racial gap in the lacrosse community. She started an Instagram vlog as a platform to create awareness and start the conversation about the gap. It's important that when we talk social change, we have people who notice the opportunity and take the necessary steps to start a movement of change. Joanna is one of those people. She has committed herself to serving her community in best she can.

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Harlem Lacrosse