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Growing up in St.Lucia Verne has seen problems such as drug use, child abuse and neglect on a regular basis. She sees it fit to tackle first the problem of drug abuse among young person’s especially in the Caribbean. Using sports is a good initiative to keep the youths off the streets and to prevent them from following the wrong crowds. Verne has been involved in netball from an early age. She has been a national team player from 2014 and was voted Senior Netballer of the Year 2015 in St.Lucia. Verne has been involved with assisting her community junior team, which to date has produced 2 National under 13 players. Sport has improved her overall self-confidence. It also gives her the energy to overcome life challenges that she might be facing. When she faces challenges she sometimes puts herself in somebody else shoes (eg. coach), and think what would someone she admire would do in such situation. Verne’s goal is to become a professional netball player, a professional Netball Coach and get her Associates Degree in Sports Management. Verne would also like to implement a project named “Big Netball Sister”, where her senior student athletes each get a little sister in the community netball group where they will get to guide and nurture these young athletes with her guidance and supervision.

Saint Lucia
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Department of Youth and Sports