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Adelaide is a smart and resilient young leader with a strong sense of purpose. Her family needed her to be an adult from the age of 8. She took on the responsibilities with no complaints. While kids her age were playing with toys, she thought about how she could support her family to survive the next day and the day after that. Growing up this way can either destroy you or motivate you to fight for something better for yourself and the people in your community.

Adelaide chose to use her own troubles and problems in her community as a source of inspiration to find solutions. Her journey started with giving hope to girls by creating the first girls football team in her community. She then went on to become one of the first girls to win a scholarship to Right to Dream (RtD), one of the first girls to win a scholarship to a top high school in the United States, and now she is about to become one of the first girls from RtD to win a college scholarship.

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Right to Dream