First name: 
Hussein Badege

Hussein is a young man with a lot of heart. Due to his family’s financial situation Hussein was unable afford the fees to join his local high school, but that didn’t stop him. Hussein repeatedly petitioned to speak to the head teacher and eventually by sheer persistence, including waiting outside the head teacher’s house, he was able to speak to him directly and explain his troubles. The teacher was so inspired by Hussein’s determination he allowed him to attend the high school, where he has been able to develop his skills as an academic, footballer and coach.

In his final year Hussein was unable to keep up with his school fees into the final term and so was unable to continue attending lessons. Rather than give up, Hussein has continued to study by himself at home as he pursues his dream of becoming a journalist. He credits the lessons he has learned in overcoming defeat through sport as a key part of his motivation in doing so. Hussein is a keen footballer who captains his side and coaches the under 12’s and 10’s teams. Having being elected as a Deputy Speaker for his community Hussein is a passionate ambassador for child issues within his area. With the help of Michael Johnson, he hopes to continue raising awareness but also make an impact on young people’s lives in his area, enabling them to attend schools and receive a good education.  In Kenya many young people are exposed

At a young age to gang violence, drugs, and young girls in particular suffer from practices of FGM, beading, and moranism. Hussein already gives a much needed voice to young people in Kenya and hopes that by qualifying as a journalist he will be able to make that voice a global one.

As a result of attendance at a leadership session Hussein was able to work with over 40 orphans in his community providing sports and leadership sessions in orphanages. He discussed leadership things like confidence.  Through involvement with a CAC program Hussein was able to mentor 30 children at a 3 day summit which focused on developing leadership skills and access to education.  MJYL remote coaching support helped when meeting with local school administrations and students in order to ensure his project would work in the schools.  As a result of remote coaching support and his local organizations support Hussein was able to travel to Rwanda to participate in a sport for development festival. He is using the hygiene knowledge he learnt with youth in his community.  As a result of his MJYL financial stipend Hussein was able to work with children in the schools to educate them about gender equality and conflict prevention.

Class of: 
Appreciating cultural difference through sport