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Courtney is a young Aboriginal woman from Kamilaroi country who grew up in Western Sydney. She is currently in her final year of study to become a Physical Development and Health Education teacher. Courtney has been involved in Football United as a coach and youth leader since 2012. Courtney has a love for all sports however her passion is with dance which has given her the opportunity to travel to San Diego to represent Australia at Hip Hop Internationals in 2015. Since returning from working in a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory her desire to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) youth within her own community has strengthened. Courtney considers herself extremely fortunate to be have been given guidance throughout her youth and believes that she should extend this same guidance and leadership opportunities to current ATSI youth. She plans to work alongside Football United and the local community to develop and offer a culturally-specific program that uses sport to promote social change. She aims to promote and strengthen positive social and leadership skills within youths through these programs.

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Sport for marginalized communities