First name: 
Abdul (Thaslim)

Thaslim is a very active volunteer of SportCares Singapore, and is one of the top middle distance runners in the SportCares CareRunners programme for youth from the community. In March 2016, Thaslim took first place in the 800-metre event at the 42nd Singapore Athletics Youth and Junior Championship. There are many reasons to celebrate this extraordinary youth known as “Rocket Man.” Three years ago, he wanted to stop schooling after his high school education, these days, he is showing all the signs of a rising leader. Disciplined, resourceful and committed to doing well in school, doing right by his teammates, and doing good for society. Thaslim works hard to combine studies, sport and volunteerism with a stellar can-do attitude. He volunteered in numerous sports and community events such as the South East Asian Games, the ASEAN Para Games, and many other events created to inspire the human spirit. He works with young children, youths from challenging background, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Thaslim is very keen in initiating a values-based athletics programme for at-risk children in his community. As part of his ‘paying forward’ approach, he will serve as a coach and mentor to these children. He will also work closely with community partners in providing academic support and healthy meals to the participants, as well as helping organise age-appropriate life-skills workshops for them.

Class of: 
Sport for 'at-risk' populations