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A natural born-leader and athlete, Kabale is a formidable 100/200m specialist sprinter and keen footballer. Having been a timid girl as a young child, Kabale took up an interest in sport and led her team to win the first football tournament they entered, despite them having no coach and no teacher to lead them. Since playing for her school Kabale has initiated peer education sessions where she works with 40 girls, courageously hoping to break the silence on FGM, early marriage and beading. With the support of Michael Johnson, Kabale wants to continue with the work she has started and hopes to encourage young girls to have a choice and voice within their society. Having lost her father at a young age, Kabale was urged by her mother and older sister to give up on sport and instead follow a traditional pathway to marry young and build a family.

Kabale refused to give up on sport and instead convinced her sister to come and watch a training session with her football team. Kabale’s sister saw how her younger sibling led young women on and off the pitch, including a peer mentoring session and a forum for girls. Her sister’s mind was changed and the two siblings now work together with their local charity programme HODI to continue to advocate equal rights for young women in Kenya. For Kabale to stand up to her mother and older sister in a culture that does not traditionally give the younger child a voice took unexplainable courage. Courage that she also showed when her mother explained that she did not have the money for Kabale to continue her education beyond primary school. Kabale took the initiative and petitioned local schools to secure her place in higher education. She now hopes to become a lawyer, and pursues her academic goals without giving up on sport, knowing that football teaches her many life lessons, which support her education.

As a result of her MJYL financial stipend and the local sport for development network Kabale now coaches a girls soccer team and gives them confidence. She makes sure that all the local girls and parents understand their rights.  As a result of MJYL remote coaching support Kabale has been able to play in many school tournaments which have led to her team being successful.  While her attendance at a leadership course she has improved her ability to be a peer educator and help at a county assembly.


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Training girls life skills through soccer