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Ryan has been part of the Change Foundation since he was 16. Ryan is visually impaired and was adopted from a young age. His birth mother was a drug addict and the disabilities of him and his brother are a result of his mother using during pregnancy. During his time at Change, he has spearheaded a ‘Blind Rugby’ concept. They have been liaising on the technical side of the game with World Rugby who are based in Dublin and they have been very supportive.

Ryan aims to raise the funds for this and also work with Change Foundation’ trainers when they run blind rugby training courses in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy. Ryan has been instrumental in developing Change Foundation rugby tours in Barbados and Jamaica for blind and visually impaired children from the UK.

At the Beyond Sport summit Ryan ran a visually impaired rugby session and discussed leadership.  A remote MJYL sports training session helped Ryan with his preparation for a 458 mile bike ride from Edinburgh to London. As a result of MJYL fitness training assistance he plays in visually impaired futsal tournaments.  Through his local sport for development network and his local organizations support Ryan has been adapting games for visually impaired rugby. He also organized 63 other people who took part in the cycle event. As part of CAC’s Community Impact Coach Initiative Ryan will be joining CAC for 3-4 weeks in summer 2017 to run educational programs with partners in Africa.

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Visually impaired rugby