Twalha Mohammed

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Khalid was born fatherless after his father died when he was only two years old, raised by a single mother who was a very low paid secretary in Zanzibar. Living in a community with high instances of youth violence and drug abuse he faced many challenges in his childhood. With the help of his mother he managed to deal with the problems academically (not to drop out), socially (not to use drugs) and financially (study in a public school that charges very little fee) in order to build a brighter future for his family. To help his community he decided to involve himself in sports to be socially active, healthy, reduce stress and to be closer to the community. Khalid is starting his own NGO to do this- Innovation Community Association and is the team captain of the Stonetown Juniors basketball club. He is most interested in addressing drug abuse and school dropout through sports and wishes to utilize the MJYL resources to do so.

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Zanzibar National Sports Council