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Veronica has overcome societal and familial pressures to succeed in football at an early age. Despite Veronica excelling at football since the age of 10, her father encouraged her to decline the offers of scholarships so she could stay at home and work on the family farm with her six brothers. With the help of TYSA organisation, Veronica was able to maintain her football training and continued to develop into one of the country’s leading players. Veronica has now played for the Kenyan national team and is playing in the national league, here she was the top scorer in 2010. By creating and implementing football related games she hopes to equip young people with resilience skills that could help them cope with challenges they face off the field.

As a result of her MJYL financial stipend and local organizations support Veronica has been using the WASH initiative to educate over 2700 children in 3 months about hygiene and health and wellness. As a result of external networking opportunities she attended coaching courses run by the Dutch FA and taught other young leaders in sport for development. Through CAC communication and her attendance at a leadership course Veronica conducted a menstrual hygiene management workshop young girls. As a result of her local organizations support she helped dig a toilet for a family who didn’t have one and a speed bump near a school to make it safer. Her MJYL financial stipend and remote coaching has supported Veronica to run sessions focused on sport for life skills for 75 young leaders

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Football for the environment