Yasser Moustafa

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Being from a mixed ethnic background and a young Muslim living in Ireland, Amina was treated differently. Amina was discriminated against by her principal in secondary school for choosing to wear a headscarf. On her first day of her final year in secondary school, Amina approached the principal to tell her she would be wearing the headscarf. The principal responded saying that there was no way that was going to happen in her school. Amina was stirred to action by her ill-treatment. She contacted the European Network Against Racism to organize an Islamophobia event to share her experience and also wrote a proposal for a video project called ‘Don’t Judge a Woman By her Cover’ which challenged stereotypes around women who cover. Amina has always been an accomplished sports person having competed in football, taekwondo, gaelic football, and athletics. She is the Project Coordinator of Sports Against Racism Ireland’s Hijabs and Hat-Tricks programme which was set up to encourage young Muslim women to play sport and arranges the annual plan for the members of the programme. Amina has been involved with FIFA Football For Hope and the Special Olympics and now hopes to complete a Masters to become a professional in sport for social impact with a focus on the impact of sports in prison.

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